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GeekScopes Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Simplicity: Medium
Up to 2-4 Players
60 Minutes Playing Time


The game that resembles the movie, Contagion and the TV show, Colony. They may not be fun on the big screen, but on the board, it is absolutely fun! This game is literally about saving the world by teaming up with your favorite people. It is a cooperative game and you can only save the world together. This isn’t about saving yourself, its about saving the world. Saving your future children and you children’s children. In order to find the cure, you must work together and play to your character’s strengths. Each character has a different skill set that should be utilized wisely. Keep the disease from spreading and find the cure!

There are different versions of the game including ZMan’s newest edition expansion, On The Brink. Check them out!

Pandemic Board Game
Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game
Pandemic on The Brink Expansion Board Game (2nd Edition)

If you like a game where you have to work together to win, this is your game. This game is great for team building. Working together is the only way to win. Its just you and your team of specialists against the disease. You set the level of how deadly the disease is and start strategizing with your team.


Well here you have it. The game where you get to work together and save the world or eventually just die from the disease. Once again, thank you so much for reading! Have any other board game suggestions? Let us know below! Thanks again, geek out!

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