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Final Fantasy XIV Online


The Game For The Ages

Genre: Action Adventure MMO
Available for Windows PC & PS4

Final Fantasy XIV | MMO

Final Fantasy XIV is an adventurous, massive multiplayer online game that you play through a monthly subscription. It is a game that is known to be developed with pinpoint detail and graphics. The soundtrack is amazing and just like every other Final Fantasy game, the gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV is extraordinary. If you call yourself a gamer, Final Fantasy is a game that you must play. If you never played any of the Final Fantasy games, I don’t know if you can call yourself a gamer. Final Fantasy XIV has gathered many followers and many reviewers praise the game for its mechanics and progression.

Check out the game’s trailer!

Like all Final Fantasy trailers, they look epic as always! Square Enix never fails when creating new characters and the cool thing about this game is now you can customize your own character! With a variety of races to choose from, you can create your own very character with their own set of skills! These characters you make will also have facial expressions you can use to communicate with other players. Its pretty neat I’ll say.

Check out the All in One Bundle package with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the Final Fantasy XIV Expansion: Heavensward.  (Comes with a free month subscription):

This is a game for the ages and it continues to grow. If you have played MMO before like WOW, you would love this. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to play MMORPG games. Also stay tuned as we will have a surprised guest to interview about Final Fantasy XIV. We’ll see you later!

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