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Dead of Winter $47.45


GeekScopes Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Simplicity: Hard
Up to 2-5 Players
100 Minutes Playing Time

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter, by Crossroads Game, is a game of survival. It is a co-op game where you are grouped up in a colony of survivors, but each survivor has their own personal secret objective. Your goal is to not only survive the winter, but survive the flesh eating zombies. This game is specially made for them zombies lovers like me. Just imagine Rick’s gang in The Walking Dead surviving in the winter. If you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the zombie apocalypse, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. In this game, there can be many things that can go wrong and that can hinder the survivors in achieving their goal. From a traitor spy with a secret objective putting everyone in the colony at risk, to being infiltrated by flesh eating monsters. Starvation is also part of the game so make sure you eat!

This game will prove how persistent you are in surviving. When all odds are against you, how will you survive the cold? This game is brilliantly designed and really feels like a game of survival. I highly suggest it and the more you play it, the more you figure out how to survive. In the beginning its quite tricky to learn, but once you keep playing, it becomes really fun to play. There actually is a 20 minute video on how to play this game made by Crossroads. To play this game, reading the instructions is kind of mandatory. There are so many details in the game, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be having fun in no time. I really want to mention an Amazon review I thought was pretty entertaining by Mike The Guy. It really shows you the degree of intensity in the game.

on April 19, 2015

This is an amazing game. Many have written good reviews on this, so instead I am just going to talk about what happened the last time I played this game (last night).

We started the game with the “We need more samples” objective. This objective requires you to roll a die every time after you kill a zombie, and if you roll a 4, 5, or 6 you get a “sample”. 15 samples and we win the game (if we complete our secret objectives of course).

Game begins. For the first couple of rounds, things were going incredibly well. Zombies were dying, samples were being collected. A couple of us said, “I can’t believe we are going to win for once!” but did we speak too soon? Then, a crisis appeared, we needed more medicine. Contribute one per player or multiple locations will be overrun! Several players contribute during the round, no problem, we have this easily. End of the round and we check the crisis… There is two food in the pile… every non helpful item negates a helpful one… We don’t have enough medicine. Both the library and police station are overrun. Instantly 5 survivors are killed and our morale drops from a very comfortable 6 to 1. To say the group was in shock at this turn of events would be a fair statement. But wait, one of these items was from the gas station! there is only one player with a survivor at the gas station… Betrayer!

A new round begins, the first player calls for a vote to exile the player who caused so much havoc. The vote passes and he is exiled! The game continues with four non exiled players in a desperate bid to somehow keep morale from falling to zero and collect the rest of the samples (while somehow, some way, achieving our secret objective). One death and the game is over. Every roll for exposure is fraught with tension, every move second guessed and analyzed. Should you go there? Is it worth the risk? The betrayer continues to work with his group of survivors outside the colony, still trying to achieve his own mysterious goals.

Finally, the last round ends. We have done it! Somehow, we made it through to the end with 1 morale still intact! Oh yes, one last colony phase. Let’s get that out of the way so we can claim our well deserved victory! (for those who have completed their secret objectives) Step 1, pay food… pay food… No! NOOOOOO!!!! In our mad scramble for victory, how could we possibly have forgotten food on that last round? A collective groan rises as we realize what we have done to ourselves. So concerned about morale, so focused on every move, we have forgotten to feed ourselves! A starvation token is added… Morale drops to zero… The game is over and everyone has lost.

But wait, not everyone has lost… A quiet chuckle is heard… The betrayer…
The betrayer reveals his objective. 5 survivors are killed throughout the game, something he accomplished long before.The betrayer has won.

Without a doubt the most tense I have ever been playing a board game, and I was honestly ecstatic that the betrayer won. He couldn’t have played it better.

10/10 would be betrayed again.

Since people seem to be reading my review, I would like to add one tidbit. In this game, when you are exiled, you have to discard the original secret objective you were given and draw an “Exiled” secret objective. The original objective in this case was “5 survivors are killed and the main objective is not completed.” The exiled objective (and there are quite a few and they are very varied) was “5 survivors are killed.”

The amazing thing about this to me is that it was the same as his betrayer objective, except that it removed the “main objective must fail” portion. This means that it was possible in this instance for EVERYONE to win had we not forgotten to feed ourselves that last round. That kind of blew our minds when I mentioned that after the game was over.

Anyway, I have finally won a game of this! It is really a great game.”

Just from that review, it reveals so many aspects and features of the game. This really is a game of survival and I highly suggest it to all geeks around. If you’re a huge fan of zombies, then this game is definitely for you. There are 2 versions of the game so check them both out!
Dead of Winter: The Long Night (Stand Alone or Expansion) Game
Dead of Winter Crossroads Game

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to stick with us in geeking out on boardgames. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. Thanks again, geek out!

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