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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 2

Attack on Titan

Warning: This review contains spoilers

Attack on Titan: “I’m Home”

An episode where you see the intensified horror in Sasha’s face as she battles the small ironic titan. We’ll get back to this.

The episode begins with many questions from our beloved trio, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. As they discuss about the titans in the wall, the genius Armin asks a question about the wall that blows everyone’s mind. “What if they’re made of hardened titan skin?” ???? Wow Armin, if you existed in real life, we would have been flying in cars about now with your brain. (No sarcasm intended) Its a very logical theory that makes so much sense after all the observations made in season 1. As they have this conversation, the mystery only grows as more is revealed amongst the group. Then they meet up with Nick the priest, Levi, and Hange to go off to another adventure. Ultimately to get Nick to spill the beans about the secrets of the wall.

titan eating grandma

At this point, we reach Sasha’s flashback. We see how much she loves food and is obsessed with it as her father tries to get her to spit out her snack. Its a very interesting scene, because why stop someone from eating food? Then we come to a sudden realization that food is very limited in this apocalyptic world. As the flashback ends, we come back to the present time where Sasha is quick to reach her village. She sees huge footprints on the ground and is fearing for her village. This doesn’t stop her and she continues to her village where she finds a titan casually eating the leg of a grandma.

With all this happening, we see a little girl frightened and shocked. LITTLE GIRL RUN, WHY YOU STANDING THERE!? I just figured she thinks its useless to run anymore. Then we see Sasha give a battlecry with an axe to the nape of the titan. As this sequence unfolds, we see that Sasha did absolutely no damage to the titan. She gives a few more hacks to the nape where her axe eventually bounces off the nape and hits the ceiling. Sasha grabs the girl and apologizes to the still alive grandma then bounces. We see them run for the horse, but the horse just strangely runs off. At this point, I was like what the… is the little girl a titan or something? They run off on foot as Sasha grabs a bow and 4 arrows with the titan on their tails.

Attack on Titan

We then reach another flashback while Sasha is running. She is being made fun of her polite gestures by that one scary looking girl with short hair. No idea what her name is and to be honest, I don’t really care. She’ll die anyway right? As Sasha apologizes to the bully, her friend, Historia backs Sasha up and gives an inspiring statement. The flashback ends and this is when Sasha tells the little girl to keep running the path. Sasha grabs her bow and arrow to aim for the eyes of the titan. She misses her first 2, but hits one eye with the 3rd. She has only one arrow left for the other eye and if she misses, she is dead and she knows this. The pressure is on as the titan closes in. She abandons her bow and decides to grab the arrow with her hand and stab the eye of the titan. She succeeds hitting both eyes, but the titan grabs her. The blood from the eyes pour down on her and she manages to slip away from the now blind titan. As she runs, she finds a group of villagers going the opposite way. We then find out its her family and they were going back to rescue Sasha after finding the little girl. We see an meaningful interaction between the father and Sasha as her dad tells her that he is proud of her.

We reach the next seen with Connie and his village. We see his village destroyed as he looks for survivors. His face is in panic and he starts racing off to his house in desperation to find his family alive. Then we see a skinny cute titan just lying down like a turtle on its shell on Connie’s house. Them skinny limbs cannot get the titan back up and questions start to form. How in the world did the titan get there in the first place with them weak limbs? What is it doing there? What is going on!? The mystery continues and hopefully in the next episode, we’ll see questions being answered.

Thanks for reading this review on Attack on Titan. How did you feel about the episode? Feel free to leave your comments below! Thanks again ????

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