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GeekScopes Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Simplicity: Easy
Up to 2-8+ Players
15 Minutes Playing Time

CodeNames Party Board Game

Hey geeks! TIME TO FIND YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS and what better way to find out than a game! YOU GUESSED IT! (You probably didn’t) I will be doing a series of board game posts for 2017. The best of the best board games played all around. This will be a fun series and hope all of you can join me in this adventure. For this post, we will be talking about the game, Codenames. It is a game that reveals the inner Xavier in you and I can tell you IT IS SO MUCH FUN. period. period.

This game is a very entertaining and simple party game. You can play up to 8 people, but unfortunately you cannot play by yourself… unless you’re very strange. BUT all love for you strange people. There are 2 teams, blue and red. Picking your teammates is all up to you. You then lay out 25 cards with random words. Then once you establish your team, you designate one person in each team to give a code. Once both teams established their designated code giver, the code givers take out the answer card. The colors correspond to what the team needs to guess. Whatever color the edges are, they will be going first. Then lastly there is the kill card. If someone picks the kill card, you lose the game!

The code giver is not able to say any of the words on the cards. They must be able to think of a word that will help their teammates to connect the dots. Then after you can say a number. So for example, “Animal 2”. This can mean many things, but most often it means that there are 2 animal cards that may correlate with the code unless your team is troll… You can also say the number 0 if you want to hail mary it and have your teammates guess all the cards, but from all the times I have played this, I say just play it safe. If you manage to do it, I give props to you. Be creative and trust your teammates! It is really intriguing to see how people think. If you think you have a great connection with your friends, this is a definitely must play. No joke, its really fun and very simple. This game can last up to 10-20 mins depending how bad you are, but if you’re on this page I’m assuming you’re pretty awesome and smart ????  Show everyone your talents and your ability to read your friends!

If you’re waiting for a good time to buy this game, I highly recommend Amazon. They are having a sale on it and I encourage y’all to jump on that Codenames wagon and start introducing it to your friends. They have many different versions include a 18+ over, so pick one to your preference. Check them out below!

Check it out on Amazon!

Codenames On Amazon!
Codenames Pictures Card Game
Codenames Deep Undercover by CGE

This one review on Amazon really spoke to me about this game.

on June 8, 2016  

Codenames is a GREAT game for 4 or more players. We have played it several times now with family and friends, and it is really growing on us. I would have to say that it takes playing about 2-3 times before you really get the hang of it. The first couple of times it seemed like the spymasters were getting their feelings hurt because of the lay of the board and their ability to think up creative clues. And then one team seemed to have an advantage. So we eliminated that element of the game by just rotating everyone around the table, so the teams were always slightly different and everyone had a chance to be spymaster. And we didn’t keep score (well, each game had a winner, but we didn’t keep the same teams each game). I know, call us uncompetitive, but it’s actually because we are too competitive that we made this change and then the game became a lot more about creativity and less about who was winning.

Oh, and it REALLY helped to ensure that no nonverbal clues were given. For some people that is harder than others. But we had to just reinforce that for each spymaster, and also create a rule that regardless of what the people who are guessing say, their decision isn’t made until they actually touch a tile. Otherwise the spymaster was too quick to validate discussion that really wasn’t final.

We had something hilarious happen one of the last times we played. We were playing with a mixture of teens and middle-aged adults. One of the adults was giving the teens on his team a guess of “Super Power” and the teens were guessing it completely wrong. Because to the adult, a Super Power meant something like the United States, Russia or China. And to the teens, a Super Power meant something a Marvel character might have – like super strength. We had a nice long laugh over that one. That’s what makes it such an entertaining game. You have to get “into” the head of the spymaster to do well. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment under below. Your input is welcomed and if you also have any recommendations for board games, let us know!

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